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Yubileinij 3D

Project name:
Yubileinij 3D cinema

Lida - Yubileinij 3D cinema 

Lida - Yubileinij 3D cinema

Grodno region, Lida city, Leninskaya str., 11

Equipment installed:

  • Cinema equipment

    - 35 mm film projection:
    film projector Kinoton FP50D
    xenon bulb 2500W
    non-reqind system Kinoton ST200E
    make-up table Kinoton MT600

    - digital cinema projection:
    digital cinema projector Kinoton DCP 30 LX II
    Xenon bulb 6500 W
    water cooling system
    digital media scaller Kinoton DMS HD2
    digital cinema server Dolby DSS 200
    Dolby 3D system
    Dolby 3D glasses - 680 pcs

    projection screen Victorine 180 perfo 1450 x 620 cm

  • Sound equipment for cinema:

    digital cinema processor Dolby CP650  
    digital crossover QSC DCM-30D
    screen loudspeaker K.C.S. S-7208 - 3 pcs
    subwoofer K.C.S. C-218-A - 4 pcs
    surround loudspeaker K.C.S. SR-12 - 24 pcs
    professional amp  QSC DCA 3422 - 2 pcs
    professional amp QSC DCA 1222
    professional amp QSC DCA 1824 - 4 pcs
    Sommercable  cables
    Neutrik connectors

  • Auxiliary equipment:

    glasses cleaning system Krystal CW
    anti-theft system Sensormatic Ultra Exit 2.0 Dual - 2 sets

  • Cinema chairs for large and small halls:

    cinema chair Ezkaray Beron - 355 pcs
    double cinema chair Ezkaray Love-Seat - 13 pcs

  • Cinema system for a small hall:

    projector NEC NP4100W
    lense NEC NP07ZL
    Blue-Ray player Panasonic DMP-BD30EE-K
    projection screen Victorine 140 Perfo 540 x 300 cm
    screen loudspeaker K.C.S. S-1800 - 3 pcs
    subwoofer K.C.S. C-118-PLP - 2 pcs
    surround loudspeaker K.C.S. SR-8-A - 6 pcs
    digital cinema crossover QSC DCM-10D
    professional amp QSC DCA 1622 - 2 pcs
    professional amp QSC DCA 1222 - 1 pcs
    Sommercable  cables
    Neutrik connectors

  • Outdoor wall projection system:

    projector NEC NP2250G - 2 pcs (stack)
    lense NEC NP02ZL - 2 pcs
    video distribution tools by Kramer
    Sommercable  cables

  • Large hall sound reinforcement system:

    loudspeaker DAS Avant 215A– 2 pcs
    mixing console DAS Event 18.24
    CD-player DAS HDJ-2450-MP3
    wireless system receiver beyerdynamic NE 900 D
    wireless microphone beyerdynamic SDM 969 – 2 pcs
    microphone beyerdynamic OPUS 69 – 5 pcs
    Sommercable  cables
    Neutrik connectors

  • Cinema lobby background music system:

    ceiling loudspeaker DAS CL-8T– 12 pcs
    wall-mounted  loudspeaker DAS Factor-8TW – 2 pcs
    professional loudspeaker DAS CSA-300T
    mixing console DAS Event 10.2
    CD-player DAS HDJ-2450-MP3
    microphone beyerdynamic MTS 11 T
    Sommercable  cables
    Neutrik connectors

  • Video information system:

    LCD TV Horizont 42" - 2 pcs
    LCD monitor LG Flatron 22" – 3 pcs
    multimedia PC
    LCD monitor LG Flatron 19"
    video distribution, communication and amplification equipment by Kramer
    Sommercable  cables


Lida - Yubileinij 3D cinema

Lida - Yubileinij 3D cinema

Lida - Yubileinij 3D cinema

Lida - Yubileinij 3D cinema

Lida - Yubileinij 3D cinema

Lida - Yubileinij 3D cinema

Lida - Yubileinij 3D cinema

Lida - Yubileinij 3D cinema

Lida - Yubileinij 3D cinema

Lida - Yubileinij 3D cinema

Lida - Yubileinij 3D cinema

Project realized by  

Art Ramos Studio   a.l.c.

Gazety Pravda ave., 29 - 8  (office 205)
220116 Minsk, Belarus

tel:          +375-17-2074441


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