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Selling and installation of sound equipment is one of three main activities of Art Ramos Studio from the moment of its foundation.

The company joins a group of hi-class specialists with practical experience and theoretical knowledge in this field. Due to this fact many complicated projects have been realized by our company.

Constant analysis of the situation on the professional sound equipment market and monitoring of the world's newest developments have made Art Ramos Studio the most innovative company in this field in Belarus. The most vivid example of such innovation is the installation of a line source array system from its inventor and manufacturer, the world known company L-Acoustics, for the International festival of arts Slavyanski Bazaar in Vitebsk the first installation of L-Acoustics in the Eastern Europe.

We represent various different companies. Due to this fact we can offer to our clients the product they need the most starting from the non-expensive to top-level models.

What we do  

Sound equipment is used in different installations from bars and restaurants to large installations such as sports palaces and concert halls. Among our installations are the following:

discos, clubs, bars, restaurants, public address installations, conference halls (with simultaneous translation features), sound equipment for concert halls, theatres, cinemas, sports activities, recording studious and others.

Selected projects  
Minsk-Arena: main arena 15K seats
Minsk-Arena: cycle track
Large mobile concert set for Bobruisk city
Wireless set  for  ONT
National Library of Belarus
Slavyanski Bazaar
Sports Palace
Plaza club
Council of Ministers
Water sports palace
Forum club
We represent  

DAS Audio
Williams Sound
Sommer Cable
EELA Audio
QSC Audio
Contact us  

Art Ramos Studio   a.l.c.

Gazety Pravda ave., 29 - 8  (office 205)
220116 Minsk, Belarus

tel:          +375-17-2074441

e-mail:     info@ars-by.com

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