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Art Ramos Studio was founded in 1994, when a group of professional certified engineers with more than 15 years of experience in the field of professional sound and light equipment joined forces.

From the very start our company has occupied a well-deserved place at the top of the market for professional sound, light, and stage equipment. In 2002, we added yet another field to our business by beginning to provide sound and projecting equipment for cinemas. In just 2 years the company became a leader in this field as well.

Art Ramos Studio has always kept abreast of the newest developments in technology and has often been the first to introduce them to Belarus.  A prime example of this was the installation of a line array system for the international festival of the arts, Slavyanski Bazaar, in Vitebsk.  We purchased this system directly from its inventor and manufacturer, the world renowned company, L-Acoustics. Another example of our work is a sound reinforcement system for Minsk-Arena sports facility including the cycle track, skating ring and the main 15-thousands seats ice hockey arena.  

Our company is primarily an engineering company. This means that we first design a project, and only after we complete the design phase do we begin to purchase the necessary equipment.  This lets our clients be sure that only the equipment which perfectly fits the project will be used for each installation.

We value our customers highly, and so we pay close attention to the quality of installations, as well as to warranty and after-warranty service.  This attention to detail has earned us consistently high praise from our clients over the years, and has put our firm in a position as a leading authority in our market.

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